A mail subscription service for people who want to reconnect to the joy of writing.


Every writer needs a little direction, inspiration, and chocolate. Amiright?

Hello Writer is a monthly subscription program for people who are craving encouragement, structure and community to give their writing fuel. Maybe you used to write all the time, but the spark is getting lost in the sway of your busy life. Maybe you’re working on a project that’s gotten unwieldy and intimidating. Maybe you know you have magic in you, but you have no idea how to bring it out. Welcome. We’ve designed this for you.


What's Included

Each month, you’ll receive a beautiful, colourful package in your mailbox packed with:



You’ll get a letter from me, Chris, your writing coach. I’ll be offering stories and insights on what I’m learning about writing as I hurtle through the vulnerability and joy of my own creative process. For an idea of my voice and writing style, see here.



You’ll get two fun, easy projects, each in their own sealed envelope. These are bite-sized and expandable — you can do them in 10 minutes or you can work on them all month long. They’ll also be FUN — you’ll be cutting things up, incorporating random objects into stories, writing to people.



You’ll also get a delicious writerly writer’s self-care assignment each month, to bring your body and heart into the process of creation.



This is the most important part, no? Writing is hard and treats are important! Every month you’ll get a small dark chocolate with a quote about writing, made by our beautiful neighbours at Soul Chocolate. Their chocolate is dark, organic, they pay the farmers better than fair-trade wages, it comes in compostable wrappers. What could be better than that?


Truth is, you are a writer. This pack will lead you back to that sweet truth, over and over, with joy and thought and fun, every month.


What People Are Saying

Opening this beautiful package felt like such an adult treat. I had been lacking inspiration to write, this package got my fires going again and the prompts challenged me to tap into new ideas. It was like having a secret lover sending me the best kind of intimate mail, beautiful, delicate, and something just for me.
— Heather Watson
Receiving my Hello Writer package in the mail put such a smile on my face, which only grew when I opened the envelope and perused it’s contents. It was such a treat to receive fun little goodies as well as exercises that I would usually only do in a Firefly class. Doing these exercises at home meant that I could spend as much time or as little as I wanted, and it was a real joy playing with words in my own time. I can’t wait to see what more is to come.
— M.K. Shaw
Who doesn’t love getting mail! But this is SO much more: Opening up the Hello Writer envelope is like opening up a care package from the most supportive, inspiring and thoughtful friend you have... the friend who gives you the biggest hugs AND nudges you forward; the friend who just wants you to keep exploring your creative soul.
— Sabrina Guerin
Getting mail is always exciting, and doubly so when it’s from Firefly!
— Kat Dearham
My heart almost exploded with the letter to us. You are something else!
— Heather Douglas
Thank you for nourishing my writing and my writer self.
— Nicole Arnold

Begin Your Subscription

Join whenever you choose. If you ask us, today is a great day… but you’re in control. If you sign up before the last day of the month, you’ll get the following month’s package.


Who It's For

This subscription service is designed for people who:

  • Have an longing to write that often goes under-served, even unnoticed
  • Sometimes (or always) need a little direction to get their pens moving
  • Want to feel like they’re part of a writing community, but don’t have time to show up at poetry readings and book launches every week
  • Have a great appreciation for beauty, care, loving details and dark chocolate
  • Miss the feeling of looking at their mailbox with joyful anticipation
  • Long to reconnect to the joy and power of their own writing, their own vision, their own truth
  • Find it hard to carve out huge stretches of time, but still want to keep their creative voices alive and active
  • Want to have fun with writing again — to be spontaneous, light, curious and tuned to wonder

This subscription service won't try to give you:

  • Critique on your writing. We’ll publish two pieces each month with comments on what makes them so awesome (you’re welcome to submit your work) but we don’t respond to every piece that comes in.
  • Direction on how to make it through a big project. We do that personal and complex stuff in workshops and through coaching.
  • Rules and how-to’s — you’re smarter than the rules, and your writing improves when you write.
  • Help writing things you don’t want to write. You’re unlikely to get your end-of-year report done with the help of these packs. But you never know, a little inspiration can take you to unexpected places.

Ready to Get Started?

Thank you for this beautiful envelope full of permission. My heart skipped to see it in the mailbox, nestled between fliers and bills. It’s as if Hello Writer is reminding me that yes, I can fit this into my life, and to write with joy and playfulness.
— Erika Bailey
What a joy to receive something in the mail designed to spark creativity and joy. Sitting with my Hello Writer materials felt like embarking on an adventure. I loved every bit of it!
— Denise Handlarski
This package felt like a journey of awakening for a voice that has been hesitant for too long inside me. First with a moving letter from Chris, then practical creative writing exercises and finally with a list of opportunities to engage in the literary world. It will warm up your imagination.
— Shawk Alani