What will I get out of this?

Our goal is to provide people with the inspiration and direction they need to do the writing they’re longing to do. 

Do I need to be a real writer to participate?

A real writer is someone who loves to write, and acts on that love. Just reading this far on an FAQ page is all you need in order to know to show that you’re a “real writer”. Welcome. This is for you.


Will this help me finish my novel/memoir/thesis/etc.?

Maybe? The goal of this program is to feed and nourish your creative life and to connect you to your voice, your drive, and your momentum. So in that way yes, it could be quite useful, but we won’t be giving you specific guidance on finishing a large project, we do that personal and complex work in workshops and coaching.


Can I buy Hello Writer for a friend?

Absolutely. There’s a gift option at check-out.


Can I cancel?

If you want to cancel before your three month commitment is up you can transfer your membership to a friend or ask us for a commiunty member who can’t afford the program but would love to take part. After three months you can cancel anytime. If you cancel before the last day of the month, you won’t get billed for the following month.


Where do you ship to?

Anywhere in the world.


How much is shipping & handling?

$3 within Canada, and $6 everywhere else.


Can I pay in my currency?

Yes, you’ll pay the equivalent of $10 CAD wherever you are.


When do you send out packs?

Our friends at Torpedo Marketing send out our packages by the 15th of each month. If you live in or around Toronto, you can expect your package within the week. If not, it will take longer. If you don’t have it in a month, we’ll send a fresh one.

Where is my pack?

The postal system is a mysterious animal. It’s hard to gauge how long packs will take to arrive. Sometimes it’s a couple days, sometimes it’s weeks.

If your pack seems later than it should be, log in and make sure your address was inputted correctly. (See the top right of this page, under “Access your Account.” Common mistakes include postal/zip cody typos and forgetting to add the apartment or suite number. If you don’t have it by the 10th of the following month, we’ll send you a new one. You will never be charged for material you don’t receive.

Where does my money go?

Oh, so many good places. We work exclusively with companies we love, focusing on small, local, women-run ones wherever possible. Your money supports Laura Crocco, designer and artist from Australia who makes our packages beautiful every month. It supports Soul Chocolate, the family run business who make our famous, dark chocolates. It supports Firefly Creative Writing (that's us!) a feminist, arts-based business with a big vision to help people step into the joy and power of their own writing voices.

Who are you?

Hello Writer grew out of our home business, Firefly Creative Writing. We are a small studio in Toronto Ontario, offering small and loving and supportive creative writing workshops, coaching and retreats.

You can see more about us on our Hello Writer Instagram feed, and you can connect to Firefly Creative Writing over here.



Account Access

Need to update your credit card or address details? Check on the status of your subscription? You can do all of that and more from your self-service account dashboard!

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